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I Want To Buy A Pool Table _VERIFIED_

As mentioned, the primary consideration of materials is how they affect the quality of play. However, pool tables are also an inThe materials below are listed in order from cheapest to most expensive.

i want to buy a pool table

Slate gets its own tier because it is universally considered the highest quality surface available. It is more expensive than the rest of the options but the payoff is considerable. It will not crack or warp under normal circumstances and the surface allows for a clean and smooth shot. Italian slate has historically been regarded as the most premium material from which to build a table, but in recent years Brazilian slate has also developed an excellent reputation.

The slate will lock down onto the frame in 3 sections which are leveled separately. Bumpers, or cushions, are then lined flush with the table rails and slate in a rectangular pattern along the edges. The table rails will contain grooves running the entire length of the sides and ends. Felt is then spread and stretched across the table in stages and then secured with wooden or rubber featherstripping that is hammered into the grooves. Finally, the pockets are secured to the corners and side rails with metal or carbon fiber brackets.

Even if the table will fit comfortably inside the room, there must be adequate room around all sides of the tables for players to shoot. You should consider what size of cues you plan to use and whether the table will be used by adults or children. You may also want some room for a rack or cabinet to store additional cues and balls.

The artificial materials used in this type of table give it about five years of playtime. A toy-grade table is most suited for young children who just need something they can play on without parents having to cringe at every shot. View the best 7ft pool tables under $1,500.

With proper and regular care, a basic economy table can last over a decade. When shopping for basic pool table, pay attention to the details. The quality of materials, such as slate, the frame materials, and the felt quality will determine how long the table can last with proper care.

Just about every day I get a phone call asking if we purchase used pool tables. Unfortunately, we cannot take on any used pool tables right now, but I can point you in the right direction if you want to get rid of yours. We have sold many used tables in the past. Here are some tips and things to remember when selling your pool table.

like to sell 9 foot pool table with everything included 14 pool sticks and two pool racks with everything that goes with pool table,.every thing is in excellent shape.asking $750.00. call 1-269-445-5099.

Howdy sandy,That is good offer for that what u are selling them as very nice pool table! I assume it may be going down $500.00 cuz I will drive to meet u there from Colorado, I assume u may reside in kalamazoo or portage,mich , I lived there in few yrs ago. Is that correct in mich or out of state? Are those table weight heavy or lighter? How many men carried that table? What color felt was it came with? Can u send me photo of them all? Let me know about it? Thanks and warm regard,elizabeth

Hey there Pallet guy! Sounds like a Beauty! Unfortunately the name recognition will only equate to slight to moderately higher than usual value than a no name brand billiard table. You could reach a more monetarily suitable audience on Ebay. Maybe start the bidding around $3000. Good luck, David

I have a 5 year old American Heritage pool table for sale. It is in good shape the bummper are like new. I has been taken apart and ready to shp. I am looking for $2000.00 or best offer. this 48 pool table has what I call tiger legs and nice oak. Please contact me it you would like more info. 805-279-7063

Hello Mr. King:In the antique pool table business ourselves here in FL. Sssslllllooowwww-going. How about in CA??? I hear that you are getting more money for the same table out there. Any truth to that??From one business owner trying to stay afloat to another, Cheers!

It depends on the model of Olhausen. Here in Orange County, people generally ask around 40% of purchase price of table. The used pool table market is inundated with sellers right now. It may help to include the cost of the move into your asking price. This makes it easier for the buyer.

Hello- i am looking for an 8 by 4 more rustic looking table. I saw one that American Herritage sells that they made for Pottery Barn that I like. Of coarse want to by used. Looking for a quick purchase.

Either of these is what I am after. Could either of these work for a dining table as well? I was thinking of getting a conversion ping pong top ( unclip the net) so I could through a table cloth over it so we can eat there as well. Or have a table top made for it ifpossible.On a side note these are out of my price range. :( but I am a serious buyer. But have to buy used to keep price down. Any other thought where I can look.

Looking to sell a 10 yr old Wentworth (I think) Olhausen 8 ft. pool table in very good condition. It has already been moved to the location, just trying to work out a fair price. Has a few stains on the felt, but otherwise is in great condition. Over $7000 new with all the extras. This is just the table and light.

Hi Pool table king. I was hoping you can help with a table that I want to buy used. The table was bought in 1996 played on for 2 years and than professionally carted up and sat in a garage for 17 years. It is a Olhausen kinda plain. 7 ft he wants 700.00.. What do you think? will it have the Accu-fast cushions ? will it be warped because sitting in a hot garage for 17 years?

Looking to sell my 9 foot Imperial International pool table with all of its accessories: triangle, balls, sticks, stand for sticks, etc. Great condition. Email me your best offer at

I have a 8 foot Goldenwest Innsbrook table in maple wood. Good condition, maybe 10 years old, always covered with matching rack and house cues (all in great shape). What do you think it would go for nowadays?

hey lyle thanks for sharing that info about tiger b. unfortunately there is no way that i can tell by the serial number and the company that manufactured the pool table is no longer in business. happy cueing, dave.

Hi Pool Table King,Do you have any experience/opinion on a World of Leisure King David pool table. I found one on craigs list for $1000. Unsure of year of mfg.. Opinions on this brand are all over the place. CL posting # 4846093060. Thank You

Hi Pool table King! Thanks fot this great blog!Could you tell me about how much my Beach Manufacturing, BBS Special, 8 foot pool table is worth? It is is good shape with great bumpers still.I am not sure of the date it was made. Is there somewhere on the table to look for a manufacture date?Thanks for any info you can give!

I am searching for a website to list a used pool table other than craigslist and ebay. I have a regulation-sized like new Legacy pool table with dark red felt, numerous cue sticks, wall mount and all other necessaries. It also includes insets to use the table for other purposes, such as a dining table, although it has not been used for anything but a catch-all other than during the first few months after purchase. Recommendations? Website, price, etc.?

Hi Pool Table King,We just bought a house that came with a pool table. We are looking to sell it but have no idea its worth. It looks brand new Connelly 8 foot, claw feet, camel color felt, lather pockets, cherry stain, raised paneled sides. Pool table is located on ground floor. How much do you think we should ask??

Have a world of leisure pool table that I am looking to sell. It is circa 1996. Looks just like the Remington model they sell today ( down to the detail), but of course the wood is older and has never been refelted. What do you think a good value would be to start?

I am interested in selling a Fischer Regent 91 pool table and have no idea of how to sell it, its value.It is a slate top, has a coin operation (2 dimes). The felt is useable, bumpers and pockets are fine, but I would think a new owner would re-felt it. Serial number 51370. I am in NJ.

I am trying to sell my Olhausen Eclipse pool table. It is cherry wood with the rounder sculpted legs, not the straight ones. I the cloth and cushions are in great shape and it has leather pockets. The table is 48 and in almost new shape. It is probably 6 or 7 year olds and has really not been used much since it was purchased. It is a 3 piece slate top . We are moving and I am not sure I want to pay the cost of having the dealer take it apart, ove it then reassemble it. I am just wondering what I can expect for a selling price . I can provide pictures if that would help in your appraisal. thanks and I look forward to your reply

Hello,I have a 48 Golden West Reverse Rainbow brushed steel with black rails, dark green felt for sale. Bought less than 5 years ago and in excellent condition including all accessories needed! This table easily retails for well around 10k. Would like to get an idea of how much is reasonable resell value. Also if anyone reading this and interested, would be glad to send pics. Thank you!

I am looking at a used table on craigslist that claims to be a Peter Vitalie. But the pictures I got show a 6 bolt corner joint and bolt on leg, and the seller claims the slate is 1 inch. To me it looks like an American Heritage Eclipse. I know American Heritage bought the Peter Vitalie inventory. Did they rebrand and AH tables as Vitalie or is this a scammer putting a Vitalie names plate on an import? I could email the pictures if the links do not work. =sharing =sharing =sharing =sharing =sharing

I have a Gandy 3 piece slate table with 6 leather pockets which I purchased new in 2000 for $2500 that had a list price of $5000. I have played on the table for years and it appears the rails and cushions need replaced.

I have a beautiful 4 x 8 Brunswick Treviso table that I purchased in 2012 for around 8k with a leather cover, Brunswick cue rack and 6 pool cues. It is in mint condition hardly used and I am considering selling it. Any thoughts on what I should offer it for in the Chicago metro market? Thank you. 041b061a72


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