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Dirty Girl: The Shocking True Story of a Brothel Madam's Murder and the Quest for Justice

Dirty Girl: The State Sanctioned Murder of Brothel Madam Shirley Finn Juliet Wills

If you are looking for a true crime book that will shock you, intrigue you, and make you question everything you know about justice, then you should read Dirty Girl by Juliet Wills. This book tells the story of Shirley Finn, a notorious brothel madam who was brutally murdered in Perth, Western Australia, in 1975. The case remains unsolved to this day, despite overwhelming evidence of police corruption and political cover-ups. Juliet Wills, a former journalist and TV presenter, spent years researching and writing this book, which exposes the truth behind one of Australia's most scandalous crimes.

Dirty Girl: The State Sanctioned Murder of Brothel Madam Shirley Finn Juliet Wills

The Life and Death of Shirley Finn

Who was Shirley Finn?

Shirley Finn was born in 1941 in East Fremantle, a suburb of Perth. She had a difficult childhood, marked by poverty, abuse, and neglect. She left school at 14 and married Colin Finn, a petty criminal who introduced her to prostitution. She soon became a successful brothel madam, running several establishments in Perth's red-light district. She was known for her glamorous appearance, her lavish lifestyle, and her connections to powerful figures in politics, business, and law enforcement.

How did Shirley Finn die?

On June 22, 1975, Shirley Finn was found dead in her car at a golf course near Perth Airport. She had been shot four times in the head at close range. She was wearing a ball gown and expensive jewelry. She had been seen earlier that night at a nightclub with a police officer named Bernie Johnson, who was later accused of being involved in her murder.

The investigation into her death was botched from the start. The crime scene was not secured or preserved properly. The evidence was mishandled or destroyed. The witnesses were intimidated or ignored. The suspects were never charged or brought to trial. The motive for her murder was never established conclusively.

Who killed Shirley Finn?

The question of who killed Shirley Finn is still unanswered, but there are many theories and allegations. Some of the most prominent ones are:

  • She was killed by Bernie Johnson, a corrupt police officer who was her lover and business partner. He wanted to silence her because she knew too much about his illegal activities and was threatening to expose him.

  • She was killed by Ray O'Connor, a former police minister who later became the premier of Western Australia. He wanted to silence her because she had evidence of his involvement in a bribery scheme and was blackmailing him.

  • She was killed by the vice squad, a unit of the police force that was responsible for regulating prostitution. They wanted to silence her because she was challenging their authority and demanding better conditions for her workers.

  • She was killed by a rival brothel owner, who wanted to eliminate her competition and take over her business.

  • She was killed by a hired hitman, who was acting on behalf of an unknown client who had a personal or professional