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Best Place To Buy Pregnancy Clothes

While you may not want to get a whole new wardrobe for such a short time period, it will certainly make the task of getting dressed less frustrating while your body changes over the nine months of pregnancy (and beyond). Below are 12 of the top places to shop for maternity clothing online for when your favorite pair of jeans no longer fit.

best place to buy pregnancy clothes

Nordstrom's maternity department is full of loungewear, nursing tops, activewear, swimsuits, and more from top brands like Madewell, Beyond Yoga, and Topshop. The retailer also has entire sections devoted to postpartum clothes and accessories, like nursing pillows, post-pregnancy belly wraps, and pregnancy skincare. Bonus: For anyone who prefers staying home, Nordstrom offers free shipping on all orders along with free returns by mail.

For maternity clothes that are straight off your favorite influencer's page, PinkBlush is the spot. The online boutique has an outfit for any and every occasion to keep you feeling good in your body throughout your entire pregnancy. Along with regular maternity sizes, PinkBlush also has petite-friendly, tall-friendly, and plus sizes. One of my favorite things on its website is the scrolling feed of Instagram photos at the bottom where you can see how other women have styled their purchases.

Good news for J.Crew shoppers: You don't have to stop shopping at your favorite store during your pregnancy. The retailer always has an assortment of "maternity-friendly" pieces, like its best-selling sweaters and tees, that can stretch and fit a pregnant body. If you're attending a wedding this spring or searching business-casual styles that will fit around your growing belly, J.Crew is a perfect place to shop for stylish, quality clothing and must-have basics like T-shirt dresses, leggings, pajamas, and blazers.

The best maternity clothes emphasize comfort with breathable, soft and forgiving fabrics and designs. After all, the last thing you need while growing a human is to feel the waistline of your maternity jeans digging into your bump or buttons bulging with every deep breath. There were days during my pregnancy where even the feel of any fabric on my legs was more than I could take.

You won't need to wear maternity clothes until between 12 and 18 weeks, but as your pregnancy progresses, you'll want the essentials, including maternity pants and leggings, tops, and a cute pregnancy outfit for your baby shower (if you're having one). Comfort is key when it comes to pregnancy clothes, but showcasing your personal style is achievable too. If you're looking for cheap maternity clothes or plus-size maternity clothes, there are many options. You'll likely still wear many of the items after you give birth, which helps you get more bang for your buck.

Women who begin their pregnancy at a healthy weight typically only experience an average first trimester weight gain of one to five pounds. But even if you don't gain much weight early on or feel like you look pregnant, your body is changing. There's a good chance you'll have more gas and bloating during pregnancy, which can make your regular clothes start to feel uncomfortable.

When you buy maternity clothes, look for items that will grow with you, like stretchy materials, adjustable straps, and shirts with ruched sides. Unless you're layering, steer clear of anything that's too see-through or doesn't provide a comfortable amount of coverage. You'll experience breast changes during pregnancy, so you may like some maternity tank tops with added support.

Don't forget about maternity bras, as your cup size and band size (the circumference around your back) will get bigger during pregnancy. While your favorite pre-pregnancy bras may work for a while, eventually you'll want the comfort and expandability of a maternity or nursing bra. (Plus, if you plan to breastfeed, having a few nursing bras now will be useful later.) For help choosing bras, see which maternity and nursing bras moms love best.

Maternity fashion is a $10 billion (and growing!) industry, and if you're ready to shop, there's no shortage of cute maternity clothes out there for you, from workhorse denim and haute-couture fashion to functional separates and bold swimwear perfect for that tropical babymoon you're already planning. See the best maternity clothing brands according to moms-to-be.

You can also look for pregnancy clothing swaps, sales, and giveaways in your local neighborhood parent or social media groups. If you have a special occasion to attend, like a wedding, there are websites that rent out maternity wear where you can find designer looks without the designer price tag. If you have mom friends or acquaintances from church, school, or work, they may have bags of maternity clothes they don't need right now.

You'll end up wearing a lot of your pregnancy clothes after you have your baby too (especially those soft, lived-in maternity leggings): Your post-baby belly doesn't disappear overnight, and it takes six to eight weeks for your uterus to return to its normal size after giving birth. Knowing that might make the price tag on some of these items feel a little less heavy.

The most important maternity fashion "rule" is that whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident is best. Look for maternity style inspiration on social media and in the BabyCenter Community, and consider these pregnancy outfits too.

Our maternity clothing is designed to be worn before, during, and after pregnancy! Look for the post-bump tag on our maternity clothes for styles that also flatter postpartum. If baby is here (or near!) our bump-friendly nursing clothes are stylishly at-the-ready whether you're at week ten or past week forty.

Where else can you stock up on groceries, self-care gear and maternity wear, all at the same time? Walmart is your best friend when it comes to finding well-priced pregnancy staples like tops, bottoms, dresses, belly bands, swimwear, loungewear and activewear. Shopping online also allows you to filter your search by trimester, brand, or clothing category. Find your new faves here.

I found myself scrambling to find maternity clothes to accommodate my growing belly, and I felt like there were really only three maternity stores that even offered maternity clothing! It felt so expensive, so limited, and felt like I was doomed to not make pregnancy clothes something I could afford or be stylish in.

Started by an impossibly chic friend of mine who saw the hole in the marketplace for luxe, boardroom-friendly maternity clothes, Frances Hart has quickly become a favorite retailer for chic pregnant women. I love their dresses and elegant separates for work. The silhouettes are flattering, and the styles are unique and stylish without feeling overly trendy so they can get you through several pregnancies. I am actually excited to be pregnant again so I have an excuse to invest in more of their pieces, and I have wore a lot of my Frances Hart pieces post-pregnancy as well.

Many mamas fear jumping into the maternity wear too soon (am I really showing yet? Will I look weird?) But what I found was that finding clothes that fit is essential to looking and feeling your best during pregnancy.

Most women need maternity clothes around 3-4 months but go by how your regular clothes are fitting. If you wear lower rise pants you may be able to hold out longer than someone who wears a higher rise. Also, keep in mind that in 2nd and subsequent pregnancies you are likely to get bigger sooner than in your first pregnancy.

There are many sacrifices one makes while pregnant: You give up on sleeping through the night, attending entire meetings without getting hangry, and tying your own shoelaces. Perhaps most disappointing is losing the ability to fit comfortably into most of your wardrobe. But this isn't the 1980s and an expanding waistline doesn't have to be hidden under a ruffled floral muumuu. (Though if that's your style, you do you.) Maternity clothes can be both fashionable and functional; here's where to find the best nearby.

Call it denial or practicality, but some people choose to shop in "regular" sizes and simply find styles like tunics and stretchy jumpsuits that suit the bump. It totally works and means you can repurpose those clothes after pregnancy, says Velouria co-owner Cat Wilcox. This delightful Pioneer Square boutique doesn't stock maternity clothes per se, but Wilcox says finding clients clothing that will accommodate pregnancy is one of their favorite things. Their website even has an online collection built around the concept, but Wilcox warns it may not be suitable for those final weeks when the belly is its biggest.

Belly Bandit has the best belly wraps to help during pregnancy and also for recovery. I used the Belly Wrap in my last pregnancy and I plan on using it again! They have a great selection of belly wraps at Target if you want to save a little money too!

Pregnancy clothing doesn't mean you have to completely reinvent yourself for the next nine months especially with our pick of the best maternity collections on the high street and web (that deliver to the UK). With these collections, labels and brands featuring the most stylish maternity clothes out there, you can show off your bump and maintain your own style.

Established in 1996 this Australian brand offers contemporary, stylish and, above all comfortable maternity and nursing clothes - that allow you to maintain your usual style. Highlights include their bestselling Dungarees, as well as a wide selection of perfectly designed dresses ideal for the office, daytime and informal party wear, comfy loungewear and brilliant nursing friendly basics to see you through those early days and beyond. We especially love this gingham offering this season.

With over 100 stores across the UK a JoJo Maman Bébé is likely on your nearest high street (and well as an extensive online collection and catalogue). Grown from humble beginnings in 1993 offering French nautical style clothing for children into a full on parenting lifestyle store offering of functional, comfortable and attractive maternity clothing for mums-to-be, baby gifts, toys and more. This is one of the best places to find a Breton striped maternity pieces, maternity dungarees and everyday quality essentials like leggings, vests and maternity tights. 041b061a72


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