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Jordan Dominates Jock Foot Fantasy

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jordan dominates jock foot fantasy

but when jordans cravings are sated, he spares the slave, untying him and giving him a chance to finally serve him, too. slave 996 must lick his doms sweaty feet, sucking on jordans toes while jordan lies back and watches the humiliation of his foot slave. a taste of jordans big, dank gym socks makes a delicious snack, and it seems jordan is smitten enough to eat the hole out of jetts mouth!

jordan starr leans back and spreads his muscular legs as he watches jett jax worship his big, sweaty, sweaty toes. jett licks jordans socks clean and jordan lets him. jordan tells jett to lick jordans sweaty balls, too, and jett obeys. it isnt long before jordan sits on the floor and pulls jetts head to his dick. jetts mouth is soon full of jordans thick dick, as jordan strokes himself to the next stage.

it doesnt take jordan long to make his cock cum, and he pulls jetts head off his dick. he then pulls jetts head back to jordans dick, and orders jett to rim his ass. jordan loves the feeling, and, jett is soon making jordan cum again. jordan makes jett clean up his cum and jordan moves his bare foot to jetts chest. jett is on his back, bound, with his ass licked clean.


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