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How Much Do Billboards Cost To Buy

It costs between $1.1 million and $4 million a year if you want to buy one of those flashy, digital or neon billboards that light up New York's Times Square, according to the Wall Street Journal. The owners of 1 Times Square -- the tall tower in the middle of the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue (it's not actually a "square") -- make $23 million a year from the billboards that cover it.

how much do billboards cost to buy

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And every New Year's Eve, of course, much of that investment pays off for Toshiba, TDK, Dunkin Donuts, Anheuser-Busch, Sony and the Dow Jones news ticker, as their signage gets primetime incidental TV exposure all over the world as millions tune in for the ball drop.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the Miriam Webster Dictionary defines a billboard as a flat surface, panel, wall, or fence on which information is posted, specifically outdoors. They can be on giant sides of the road, on buses, in airports, or pretty much any other surface you can imagine. Also, there are now many great digital options to allow for ever-changing and interactive billboards.

The effectiveness of billboards is not limited to the United States. bMedia Group contends that billboard advertising is an ideal way to promote products and services and build brand awareness in Puerto Rico.

Exactly how much does it cost for billboard advertising? The answer to this question is not as simple as it sounds. Several factors determine the cost of a billboard. However, here is one example:

If you print an advertisement on a fourteen-foot by forty-eight-foot billboard, you will need seven hundred square feet of vinyl. The cost of the materials will run anywhere from three hundred to five hundred dollars.

How much does a billboard ad cost in cities around the US? In New York City, renting a billboard for a month will cost between $1800o and $12,000. In Los Angeles, the same space would cost between $1500 and $9,000. Chicago billboard space rents for between $1200 and $6,000. Philadelphia billboards cost between $1200 and $6,000 while in San Francisco, you can rent space for the same costs.

It is not surprising that billboard costs increase with size. Studies show that the larger the advertisement, the more impressions it will make and the bigger the impact on the consumer. Larger billboards require more material and higher labor costs to erect them.

Writer Kelly Main points out that size, location, and duration all play a part in billboard costs. For example, billboard costs average between $750 and $1,500 per month in rural areas. In small to midsize cities, the costs rise to between $1, and $2,000. In larger cities where many more people will see them, the cost of billboards rises to between $14,000 and $15,000.

Demographics consider the people who pass by the billboard. Your niche market considers the age, gender, socioeconomic level, education, and occupation of the people you are trying to attract with your advertising. If you are trying to attract a larger audience, higher-income individuals, or those with higher education, the cost will likely be higher.

If you are building your own, you will have to consider the cost of the real estate, the building materials for the structure, the vinyl for the sign, the printing on the vinyl, and the construction and maintenance costs.

Rapidly changing technology has made it easier for billboard advertisers to capture the attention of those who drive or walk past. Interactive technology has transformed billboards from static images painted vinyl frames, walls, and vehicles. The Internet has made billboards increasingly smarter. These electronic billboards appear next to bus benches, shopping centers, or on walls in high traffic areas.

Now that you have the answer to the question how much does a billboard cost, you may be wondering about next steps or other additional information. Advertising experts like bMedia can break down billboards according to price, type, format, and message.

However, the ability of billboards to meld naturally with their surroundings makes them more effective drivers of online traffic and assisted conversions, while customers are also 17% more likely to engage with brands through their mobile after engaging with a billboard.

These universal advantages of outdoor advertising apply to both classic and digital billboards, making them both potentially central and seminal components of a much broader integrated marketing campaign.

From a strategic perspective, your business may well look to deploy a select number of DOOH ads in prime locations, while expanding the campaign in a targeted manner by erecting classic billboards elsewhere.

Another unique feature of DOOH ads is their scope to foster greater levels of creativity and interaction. This is because they offer elements such as animation and lighting which can be used to create different experiential elements and engage target customers on a much deeper level.

At 75Media, leasing a 48-sheet billboard over a standard four-week period will cost you 30 per day (+VAT) and by extending your booking to a 24 week campaign, the cost-per-week reduces to 25 per day.

Remember, production and installation costs, and what is included, varies between suppliers, so be sure to check with each brand and make accurate calculations relating to the total cost before making an informed decision.

It is widely estimated that customers who are exposed to classic billboards and out-of-the-home (OOH) advertising are 17% more likely to engage with brands, so repeat exposure of your company and its core messaging will have a significant influence on consumer decision-making over time.

There is no doubt that both classic and digital billboard advertising has empowered small businesses in recent times, by affording them access to an increasingly cost-effective marketing channel that optimises their reach across numerous customer segments.

The rapid and exponential growth of classic and digital billboards has also positioned OOH as one of the best mediums for small and medium-sized businesses, particularly those with relatively restricted budgets and a desire to create truly integrated and effective campaigns.

You woke up this morning, your eyes popped open and BAM! Your very first thought was, "I wonder what a billboard costs?" Of course, it was. Billboards are top of mind with marketers worldwide now, so it's no surprise that even your subconscious is on board with billboards.

But perhaps you've heard that billboards are expensive. The cost can differ considerably depending on location, campaign duration, number of placements and whatnot, so you might say costs are all over the map. To put your wondering mind at rest, here are some samples:

Billboards are a lot less expensive than you might think. In fact, you might almost think of them as free when you consider the dramatic reduction they bring in cost-per-impression! At OneScreen, we tried it for ourselves. Adding OOH to our Facebook campaign dropped our CPM from $15.82 to $2.37. Even better, we got double the results. Double.

A billboard is really just a whopping big poster. These roadside attractions have such an important place in our lexicon that the very word is synonymous with sign, announcement, display, etc. So when we're talking about billboards for marketing, we're also talking about a plethora of out-of-home placement options (both traditional and digital) that can round out and extend the reach of your campaign:

In largest state in the country, ranked by population, billboards are a hot commodity. With practically every day being a sunny one, you can count on residents and tourists seeing billboards while driving, walking, cycling or getting around with another transportation method. Highway bilboards are common and generally the most expensive, while street billboards are more economical - especially with higher quantities.

Typical sizes are 12 feet high, with the top being about 25 feet above the ground. Widths can range from 25 to 48 feet. These types of signs can cost between $5,000 and $20,000 to build, based on height and size.

The cost for double-faced wooden billboards is about twice the price of single-faced ones. Single-faced boards can have angled supports at the rear while the structure for double-faced boards must be smooth on both sides. While these sizes vary, the approximate cost of building the 12 feet high billboard, with the top about 25 feet above the ground and the width ranging from 25 to 48 feet is between $9,000-40,000.

Overall, multipost boards are slightly less expensive than monopole billboards for smaller boards that stand 40 feet high or less. Supporting the billboard with several steel posts increases the cost for supports but decreases the cost of the board structure, since it is supported at several places. Boards with heights ranging from 10 to 12 feet and lengths from 22 to 50 feet range in cost from $35,00 to $77,000. This is slightly less in price than the corresponding monopole boards.

For the smaller boards, the increase in price is about $10,000. For the larger boards, the increase is less than $4,000. So adding a second face to a steel billboard requires a slightly stronger structure, but does not increase the cost. This is an important tip to remember when looking at billboard faces and their assigned costs.

These boards have an advantage in that they can be easily arranged in a V-shape format that allows for better visibility from both directions and, also, is more stable of a construction. With smaller supports and frames, double-faced multipost steel boards are also slightly less expensive than their monopole versions. These boards typically stand 40 feet high and have dimensions ranging from 12-by-25 feet to 14-by-48 feet for each face. The costs pertaining to these range from $20,000 to $90,000.

Billboard construction companies will need direction from you on the type of billboard to build. There are many types on the menu, and you need to make sure that you have a handle on what it costs to put up a billboard so that it meets your budget. Otherwise, you will spend too much, or install a sign that is ineffectual and hard to rent a Billboard. Of course, you can also request and get custom billboards. 041b061a72


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