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Does Best Buy Geek Squad Make House Calls

Best Buy has quite a support service in Geek Squad. It's the only national tech service center, and it makes house calls. I had a tech come to calibrate my HDTV set, and the difference was night and day.

does best buy geek squad make house calls

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Super Bowl MVP, self-professed geek and current ESPN Magazine cover model Von Miller dusted off his Deputy Agent uniform and returned to assist Agent Jay Lisby on some client house calls yesterday in Los Angeles. Von, who was deputized as an Agent back in April during the launch of the new Geekmobile, took time out of his busy awards show schedule this week to help out the Squad:

3. They have a head start on customer service. All retailers now realize that service, and service memberships are the future, but Best Buy has a huge head start thanks to the Geek Squad, which Best Buy acquired in 2002. Joly prioritized service, both in home and in stores after he become CEO. Best Buy now has 600 in-home tech advisers who make house calls to advise customers on tech purchases and solutions, along with 20,000 Geek squad members. 041b061a72


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