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One morning, shortly after Janice had left for work, the relationship between Paul and his granddaughter took another turn. Having no reason to get up early, he usually slept in and, on that day, he was awakened by what seemed to be sounds of pain coming from Christine's room. Concerned about her, but not wanting to seem nosy, he tiptoed down the hall, peeked through her door, which was ajar, and beheld a remarkable sight. His granddaughter's succulent and completely naked body was lying atop her bed and, in her right hand, she held a dildo, which she was slowly plunging in and out of her pussy. Those moans had been of pleasure, not pain.

They were a pleasure to Paul too, and he watched his lovely granddaughter as she masturbated just a few feet in front of him. He knew he shouldn't be there, but he was too fascinated by the sight of her hairless pussy being pleasured by the big artificial cock and the sounds of joy it was eliciting from her to be able to leave. He watched her body thrashing about on the bed while her head rolled from side to side on her pillow as the sexy teenager's pussy fucked up to meet the toy in her hand. Paul could tell she was receiving far more carnal pleasure from that piece of plastic than her grandmother had allowed herself to get from him in all the years of their marriage.

He was receiving other pleasures too, not just visual. Christine's loud sounds of joy were a treat to his ears, and the aroma of her pussy was one of the most erotic experiences of his life. As he breathed in the delectable aphrodisiac, he was becoming highly aroused, and his cock seemed to be trying to tear a hole through his pajamas.

It was obvious from the young woman's movements and noises she was on the verge of a tremendous orgasm and, even as Paul watched, she cried out in joy and started ramming her pussy even harder against the dildo. Her body swung from side to side, and she continued plunging the toy into her pussy, until she howled again, even more loudly than before. Her watching grandfather could see that all her muscles clenched and she bounced extra hard on her mattress, before totally relaxing with her arms sprawled at her sides and her legs spread with the dildo imbedded all the way to the handle in her pussy. The show was obviously over, and Paul was no longer mesmerized but, when he started to quietly walk back down the hall, he was stopped short by Christine's voice.

Paul turned and faced his granddaughter. Her eyes were open and her upper body was no longer flat on the bed, but was propped up on her elbows. Except for that, nothing was different. Christine's legs were still spread; the handle of the toy was still protruding from her pussy, and the delectable fragrance of her fresh juices was still wafting toward him.

He had no easy answer for that either. Before his marriage, Paul had always loved eating a nice, clean pussy, and had brought all his girlfriends and some women he hardly knew to powerful orgasms with his mouth. However, Jessie always believed oral sex of any kind was gross and somehow immoral. Once in a great while, she allowed him to lick her pussy for a minute or so, until she became tired of it and told him to stop, and she never reciprocated at all. He loved her and put up with her lack of desires, but he always wished she could have been just a little more in tune with his sexual wants and needs.

Her granddaughter was certainly in tune with them. He still had a few qualms about sex with her, but they were rapidly fading as he looked down at her sumptuous body and knew it was his for the taking. He still hesitated, and Christine thought she knew a good way to persuade Grandpa to do what she wanted. Carefully, she pulled the dildo from her pussy and held it out to him.

From a few feet away, the aroma of her pussy had been delectable and, from a few inches away, it was irresistible. He took the toy from his granddaughter's hand and licked off some of her nectar. It was even more delicious to taste than it had been to smell, and his tongue eagerly cleaned everything off the dildo.

Christine grinned at her grandfather's nude physique. He was flabby and pale from sitting around the house all the time, but she believed his cock would give her an orgasm after the one she got from his eating her pussy, and that was all that concerned her. She moved to the center of the bed with a pillow under her head and held her big breasts up so he could more easily start by licking her nipples. She knew that was the best way to build her up to a high level of carnal excitement before applying his lips and tongue to her pussy, which was the way she liked her sexual activities to progress.

Paul smiled on hearing that, but kept sucking and licking. He knew it was true, because it had been said by many women before he married but never by his wife. His granddaughter's body was even more active under his face, and he thought he detected the delightful aroma of fresh pussy juices, in addition to the leftover ones. When he looked toward her pussy, which was just as active as the rest of her body, he saw the fresh juices trickling down her belly and off onto the mattress to be wasted. He knew it was time to kiss and lick and nuzzle his way down her belly to the source of the fragrance.

That was his goal, but on the way, Paul stopped at her navel and thrust in his tongue. She giggled, a very pleasant sound, and pushed on his shoulders to keep him on the proper path. The stop had been no more than a brief diversion and, when he reached her Mount of Venus, the aroma of her dripping pussy drew his mouth like a magnet. He could have swung his leg over into a 69 position, but he preferred to concentrate on just one pleasure at a time and, right at that moment, his granddaughter's pussy was that one.

Besides the enchanting scent, her pussy was truly a thing of beauty. Earlier, he had seen she was hairless but, from a few inches away, he was gazing on one of the most beautiful sights he had ever seen. Her skin was creamy white and flawless, and her inner lips were dusky pink and so swollen they were blossoming through her slit. When Paul gently pulled the edges apart and beheld the shiny pink lining and breathed deeply of the fragrant cloud that arose, any misgivings he might have had about what he and what his lovely young granddaughter were doing disappeared without even the smallest trace.

Some of Christine's juices had spattered onto her thighs, and he started licking them from her. The aroma and the flavor and the sight of his granddaughter's pussy and the expressions of pleasure he had been hearing were among the most delightful experiences of his life, but the texture of the skin of her soft and smooth inner thighs had them all beaten. After devouring and relishing everything that had dripped onto her there, he started licking her crotch, when she asked something else of him that made his morning more outstanding than it had already been.

But, there were other parts of his granddaughter's pussy that would feel just as good to his avid tongue and would bring her to a more powerful orgasm, so Paul continued licking that lip only until he reached her mons. He kissed the soft mound and brought his mouth back down to where more nectar was flowing from her precious pink hole. After devouring every delicious drop, he started licking her other outer lip, treating this one as he had the first. By the time he reached her mons again, Christine's entire succulent body was writhing blissfully on the bed. When he looked up at her face, Paul was gratified to see her head, with her eyes closed and her mouth open in a grimace of joy, was tossing back and forth on her pillow, as she moaned in bliss.

He looked up at her with his face smeared with her juices and grinned. There were other things she much preferred he do with his mouth, though, and was elated when his face ducked out of sight again. She felt his tongue sluicing up all he fresh juices her pussy had produced and, seconds later, felt that same magical organ starting to lick her between an inner and outer lip. Waves of pleasure crashed through her body, and Christine gave herself over completely to the joy of what was happening to her ass and pussy. Her moans of delight started ending in whimpers, and her pussy started fucking up into the face of the man who was slowly taking her to Paradise.

To Paul, it seemed as if he were already there. After getting over his reluctance, he was reveling in everything about eating his beautiful granddaughter's pussy, especially the way she was responding to him. By the time he reached the end of the inner lip, her whole body was thrashing about, and it almost seemed as though they were in risk of bouncing off the bed and landing on the floor. He was having too much fun to care about that remote danger, though. 041b061a72


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