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Media sells False Dreams of Femininity: Risha

"I will not be another flower, picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find, and impossible to forget" - Erin Van Vuren

I made an attempt at asking the same set of questions I previously asked Devanshi Arya to have a myriad of responses. It is important for us to understand the similarities within these answers and also the conflict hidden between them. The conflict helps us decode the nuances of suffering and pain, of the more privileged, of what we take for granted and almost seem apathetic of.

I interviewed Ms. Risha. She is a transwoman and she recognises herself as a lesbian. She is a cheerful woman, full of life and knowledge.

Her answers are quite crisp and to the point. Her acknowledgment to get featured on my page made me so happy and I am more than honoured to have been able to feature her :-

Risha breaking feminine stereotypes

Q: What is your understanding of femininity?

A: For me, to be feminine means to have the compassion, love and care that more often than not, lacks on the 'stereotypical' masculine side of things. Men were seen as war makers and women as home makers.

Q: Does your understanding of femininity differ from society's idea of femininity?

A: It may differ now after a lot of thought and learning but there was a time when being feminine to me was all about my looks and dressing up as society would have you and I believe.

Q. Do you think media has re-affirmed the idea of hyper-femininity?

A: Yes it has. The notion that being feminine consists of perfectly sculpted bodies, hair & nails, and consistently pushing us to apply makeup is a gruesome product of the media.

Q: How have you evolved as a person from being someone that conformed to societal pressures to someone being comfortable in your own skin?

A: As a trans woman my journey is far from over but I have begun to understand and accept that the media sells false dreams with the intent of having you to forever chase an image that is unattainable. Understanding that my femininity isn’t dictated by the media and is what I 'choose' to present is something that I have been learning gradually.


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