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Wisdom Leaf

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I live each day like my very last

I talk to all my loved ones like I’ll never see them again.

Every minute is like a fluttering feeling,

I am so young, yet I feel so old

Today I saw an old leaf falling onto my lap,

The old leaf was so beautiful, with different shades of green, golden and wisdom.

In that very fleeting moment, I felt like an old person with grey hair. I felt like I was whole again.

I sit across my grandma and both of us are staring into oblivion.

She thinks about the worries of her life and I sit here thinking about the strength she beholds.

The leaf is old but it stood out from the other greens. It is old, but it carries the most wisdom. It fell upon me for a reason.

I could see into my soul and it felt older. I felt wiser for one second there.

So I make sure to smile a goodnight to my loved ones before I sleep.

One awful word to them can be remembered as the last living memory.

The leaf sat on my lap and it spoke to me about those times when it was green and lush.

I listened.

And I wondered..

And I wondered, about all the golden veins around me. My family.

I must be able to love them fully with all the greens that I have in me.

And that is why I live each day like my very last.

And I try to love my family every single day, like I’ll never see them again.

I try.

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